Wednesday, January 5, 2011

30 Days 30 Pictures: Day 5

Day 5: A photo of your favorite memory

Once upon a time (in the spring of 2010) I was kidnapped for a short while by a girl named Alexe Brode to her college dorm room at the fine institution of Fredonia State. For those of you who don't know the Fredonia/Dunkirk area, they like to stab people. Just keep this in the back of your mind. Alright? Alright. I had caught a squirrel, had coffee with my friend Trav, and met some new people (including Alexe's dorm mate Christine and her fellow APO mate Dustina, who happens to have great taste in music. Just saying. That covers all of the white people in the picture.) I decided to start acting like an idiot one night while bored. Alexe and I were sitting at the front desk because she had desk duty. This means that there were drunken college kids coming in and out. One who happened to wreak of Steel Reserve beer had his arm around my shoulder and almost died. I'm not so sure if he knew his life was in such danger. He was pretty trashed. But I digress, we see these lovely ladies. I didn't know their names, so I just called them by their hair colors. There was Pinkish Purple (Terica), Dark Chocolate (Ade), and Blue (Brisha). I was so impressed by their beautiful highlights that I called them over to get a closer look. After noticing Ade's jeans, I just blurted out "Those jeans are tight!" I was pretty sure I was going to get stabbed. I'm the whitest girl known to human kind, whiter than a paper plate of plain rice, blurting ghetto-ish phrases to some black chicks that could probably beat me up. Later, I was up in Alexe's dorm room when I got a phone call. It was something about ice cream cake downstairs with the cool black chicks that had the impressive highlights. You can bet your sweet bottom dollar that I booked it down the stairs in record time. I'm pretty sure I flew. After about 2 and a half seconds of hauling ass down the stairs with Christine, I found myself knocking on their door with my "I CAN HAZ CAKE?!" face. So we pigged out on ice cream cake while dancing and singing along to the Ice Cream and Cake song. The blue frosting stained my mouth. We joked about how I "smurfed a smurf right in the smurf! SMURF YEAH!" They commented on how we were so nice and asked why we were being so nice to them. I bluntly blurted out "You just gave fat kids ice cream cake. We're your new best friends for life!" Yeah, this stuff happens in my life. 

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