Thursday, September 9, 2010

Great Ideas I've Had While Pregnant

Macaroni and Cheese Party:

Everybody brings a box of Macaroni and Cheese (it'd save you more if it was the shells and cheese kind where you don't need milk or butter) and their own beverage. They also bring a topping (one person brings ketchup, another brings hot dogs, and maybe someone brings chili). The toppings are spread out buffet style. Get a whole bunch of disposable bowls and forks/spoons if you're not down for scraping cheese afterwards, and a HUGE garbage can. Make all of the macaroni in a large stock pot and set it on the end of the table near the bowls and utensils. Make it in to a self serve macaroni and cheese buffet. Add music or movies (or my personal favorite, Saturday Morning Cartoons from the 90's) for entertainment. This would work great if you're in an environment where there's kids.

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